Monday, November 23, 2015

Vehicles in Cypher: Motor Pool 1

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So I've laid out 4 posts of vehicle rules. How about some vehicles to put in your garage then. For Motor Pool 1  I'm going to stick to real-world vehicles just to lay out a baseline for the way vehicles should come out.


New Automobile (Very Expensive to Exorbitant):
A typical production model car fresh off the lot. Covers most automobiles from economy 4-bangers to family sedans to light trucks and SUVs. A typical 4-door sedan owned by a PC would have pools of 12 Might and 12 Speed. A pickup or SUV would come out to a Might of 16 and a Speed of 8, while a sports car would split around Might 9, Speed 16. Typical top speeds around 75-90 mph.
-Level 4 (24 HP), Size 2, Armor 1

Used Automobile (Very Expensive):
An automobile that's been around the block more than a few times, five to ten years worth of around the block depending on how hard the previous owners have been on it.
-Level 3 (18 HP), Size 2, Armor 1

Luxury Sedan (Exorbitant):
A high end production automobile for the reasonably wealthy and up.
-Level 5 (30 HP), Size 2, Armor 1 (Special Ability: Armor 2 against collisions)

Supercar (Exorbitant):
Road legal, but only just, with vastly more power than you need to make the commute to work. Technically a production car, however limited demand for these high-performance vehicles limits the numbers produced. Typically used in racing, or as playthings for the wealthy.
-Level 6 (36 HP, Might 6 Speed 30), Size 2, Armor 0

Motorcycle (Expensive):
Most production model motorcycles fit in this category, with a similar stat-pool split as Automobiles. Top speeds for sport-bikes reach 200 mph, while cruisers and touring bikes reach around 100 mph.
-Level 4 (24 HP), Size 1, Armor 0

Speedboat (Very Expensive):
A typical personal speedboat. Good for pulling water-skiers or smuggling along coastal waters. Typical max speed of 80 MPH.
-Level 4 (24 HP), Size 2, Armor 0

Yacht (Exorbitant):
Seagoing playthings of the wealthy.
-Level 5 (30 HP), Size 4, Armor 1

Deep Submergence Research Vehicle:
A deep-sea research and exploration vessel, base-stationed from a conventional research ship on the surface. The DSV carries one pilot and two scientists for up to nine hours, to a tested depth of 21,300 feet. Top speed 2 mph
-Level 5 (30 HP) Size 4, Armor 2
Special Ability: Adaptation to High Pressure (Level 2 Adept, Modified Always on, Pressure only)

Private Jet:
Air transport for the wealthy. Top Speed 540 mph.
-Level 5 (20 HP), Size 5, Armor 0. Interior accommodations may be significantly higher  in Level.

Narrow Body Airliner
A typical "Regional" airliner one might fly in between U.S. states or European nations. Typically seats around 150 passengers. Top speed 540 mph.
-Level 4 (16 HP), Size 7, Armor 0.

Wide Body Airliner
A "Jumbo Jet", typically flown on intercontinental routes. Typically seats around 650 passengers. Top speed of 580 mph.
-Level 4 (16 HP), Size 9, Armor 0.

Military Ground Vehicles:

All military vehicles can be safely priced as "Very Exorbitant" or beyond. Weapon damages given in parentheses are after all the weapon modifiers are factored in. Ranges listed in parentheses are the ranges for the vehicle's size.

Main Battle Tank:
A modern front-line battle tank.
-Level 6 (36 HP), Size 4, Armor 3 (4 with Ward).
Special Abilities:
-Ward (Lvl 1 Adept, +1 Armor)
-Range Increase (Lvl 2 Explorer, increases range to next band)
-Main Gun: Heavy Weapon (Damage 10), Long Range (1,000'),
-Coaxial Machine Gun: Light Weapon (Damage 6), Long Range (1,000') Rapid Fire
Optional Features:
-ATGM Launcher: Heavy Weapon, 2 Attacks (Damage 12), Long Range (1,000'), Crushing, Guided
-Remote-controlled Pintle-Mount machine gun. Light Weapon (6 damage, Rapid Fire)

A standard Armored Personnel Carrier or Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle.
-Level 5 (30 HP), Size 3, Armor 3
Chain Gun: Medium Weapon (Damage 7), Long Range (300'), Rapid Fire
ATGM Launcher: Heavy Weapon, 6 Attacks (10 Damage), Crushing, Guided

HMMWV "Hummvee":
The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is an automobile-sized military vehicle. This shouldn't be confused with the civilian market vehicle that is styled to look like a HMMWV, but is just another SUV.
-Level 5 (30 HP), Size 2, Armor 2
Pintle Mount Machine Gun: Medium Weapon (Damage 6) Long Range (200'), Rapid Fire
Optional Features:
Avenger Anti-Aircraft package: Heavy weapon, 6 Attacks (8 damage) Long Range (200') Guided, Explosive

Military Aircraft:

Utility Tactical Transport Helicopter
A modern military transport helicopter. The base model is unarmed, however three sets of paired hardpoints exist on both sides to mount optional weapons and/or rescue gear. Top Speed 220 mph.
-Level 5 (10 HP), Size 6, Armor 1
2x Machinegun or Minigun. Light Weapon (Damage 8), Short Range (500'), Rapid Fire
2x Gatling Gun: Medium Weapon (Damage 10), Short Range (500'), Rapid Fire
2x Guided Missile: Heavy Weapon (Damage 13), Long Range (1,000'), Crushing, Guided, 6-Attacks.
2x Rocket Pod: Medium Weapon (Damage 10), Long Range (1,000') Rapid Fire, 6-Attacks,
                          Explosive (100' radius) Anti Armor (Crushing) or Anti-Personnel (Slashing)
                                                                 warheads may be loaded

Ground Attack Helicopter:
A modern 2-seat ground attack helicopter for close air support of ground troops and battlefield reconnaissance. A chin-turreted chainun is linked to the pilot's helmet so it tracks where the pilot is looking to simplify aiming. Four hardpoints on the stub wings mount a mix of anti-tank missiles and rocket pods. Optionally a pair of air-to-air missiles can be mounted on the ends of the wings. Top Speed 220 mph
-Level 6 (12 HP), Size 6, Armor 1
Special Abilities:
Scan (Lvl 1 Adept, Scan a 100' cube within 500'. Get level of targets and any additional details,P.32)
Targeting Eye (Lvl 3 Adept, +1 asset to all ranged attacks)
Investigative Skills (Lvl 2 Explorer, +1 Asset to "Perception" and "Assessing Danger")
Chain Gun: Medium Weapon (Damage 10), Long Range (1,000'), Rapid Fire
Air To Air Missile: Heavy Weapon (Damage 13), Long Range (1,000'), Guided, 2-Attacks, Explosive
2x ATGM Missile: Heavy Weapon (Damage 13), Long Range (1,000'), Crushing, Guided, 6-Attacks.
2x Rocket Pod: Medium Weapon (Damage 10), Long Range (1,000') Rapid Fire, 6-Attacks,
                          Explosive (100' radius) Anti Armor (Crushing) or Anti-Personnel (Slashing)
                                                                 warheads may be loaded.

Weapon Distinctions:

A cheat sheet for additional distinctions in CSR or that I have listed elsewhere
Crushing: -1 armor to armored targets, -1 damage to unarmored targets.
Slashing: +1 damage to unarmored targets, -1 damage to armored targets.
Explosive: -1 Damage, but all targets in Immediate Range are attacked. If Effort is used to increase damage damage is only increased by 2, however a miss still inflicts 1+Size Mod damage to target
Guided: 1 Step more difficult to hit a Immediate range, +1 asset at Long range and beyond