Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Revising Firearms and Vehicles

"I'm not dead yet."

I'm working on a mash-up of Babylon 5 and Mass Effect (and whatever other Sci-Fi inspirations I feel like shoving in the blender), which being space-faring Sci-Fi have forced me to dig in to my firearms and vehicle rules for some much-needed edits.

Mostly the firearms rules just need some cleaning up, they were a bit of a patch-work hack at first, but they hold together pretty well in my own gaming group, but I've noticed some places I could word them better. I'm incorporating the Shotgun rules in to the rest of the firearm rules and including a few more details like difficulty to repair and manufacture firearms (especially for those characters contemplating making Zip Guns in prison).

Of course working on a Sci-Fi background means I'm going to have a whole new crop of futuristic weapons to include in a new Gun Store post, and some futuristic weapon mods like automatic-folding weapons and ammunition multifeed to customize your gear with.

I'm also working up ideas for using Squad weapons as Artifacts and buying "Reload Cyphers" that exist for the purpose of un-depleting your artifacts (such as Heavy Power Cells, Belt of Grenades, Sling of Rockets, etc. etc.)

I've never been terribly happy with the way my vehicle rules came out in text, so I'm revamping the whole thing to be clearer and more complete. When I started putting them together I wasn't running a game with a vehicle-centric background to contemplate the rules in, but working on a starship-based background with plenty of ground vehicles (and mecha because I loves me some giant robots) is forcing me to put more work in to editing my ideas and getting those half-formed thoughts written out.

New details are an expanded Size Class list that goes from -10 (1-inch, for those tiny spy-drones) to Size 20 (4 miles, for those large starbases), Sub-Vehicle carrying capacity (for fighter carriers, or just that bike-rack on your car), and vehicle design and construction guidelines (or "How many Girder-Monkeys do you need to build that Dreadnought?"), and a recent post from has me thinking about how to include Vehicular scale Cyphers and Artifacts.

So yeah, I haven't disappeared completely and I am still working on ideas and details for this stuff.